First Visitors, Invaders, Heads of State, Expeditions, Sports, Etc.,
 First British Governor-                        :                              Lord Mountbatten
General of the new
Dominion of India.
First and the Last Indian                     :                              C. Rajagopalachari
Governor – General
of Free India.
Last Governor-General of                   :                               Lord Canning
India who also became
the first Viceroyof India.
Last Viceroy of India                           :                               Lord Mountbatten
First British                                           :                               Warren Hastings
Governor-General in India.
First Commander-in-Chief   :                               General Cariappa
of free India.
Tenth and the last Guru                      :                               Guru Gobind Singh
of the Sikhs.
First Chinese pilgrim to                       :                              Fa-Hein
visit India.
First European to                                                 :                               Marco Polo
visit China.
First European invader                        :                               Alexander the Great
on Indian soil.
First U.S.A. President                          :                               D. Eisenhover
to visit India.
First Russian                                         :                               V.I.Bulganin
Prime Minister to visit India.
First British Prime Minister                 :                               Harold Macmillan
to visit India.
First President of the USA                 :                               George Washington
First President of the                           :                               Sun Yat-Sen (1912)
Chinese Republic.
First Prime Minister                             :                               Robert Walpole
of Great Britain.
First Women                                         :                               Mrs. S. Bandaranaike
First Women                                         :                               Mrs. S. Bandaranaike
Prime Minister (twice)                                                         (Sri Lanka)
of a Country in the World.
 First India’s Spaceman.                      :                              Sqn. Ldr. Rakesh Sharma
First Indian to scale                             :                              Phu Dorjee
Mount Everest.
First President of                                  :                              Dr. Rajendra Prasad
Indian Republic.  
First Woman                                         :                              Mrs. Indira Gandhi
Prime Minister of India.
First Indian to win                                :                              Dr. Rabindranath Tagore
Nobel Prize.
First President of Indian                     :                              W.C.Bonerjee
National Congress.
First person to conquer                      :                               Serpa Tenzing and Hillary
Mount Everest.
First man who climbed                        :                              Nawang Gombu
Mount Everest (twice).
First woman who climbed                   :                              Mrs. Junko Tabei, Japan
Mount Everest.
First Indian to swim across                :                               (Men) Mihir Sen,
the English Channel .                                                          (Women) Mrs.Arati Gupta (Prodigy)
 Kutraleeswaran Chennai
First woman to sail                               :                               Kay Cottee
non-stop around the world, alone.
First Woman to reach the                   :                              Ann Bancroff
North Pole.
First Indian woman to                         :                              Bachendri Pal
scale Mount Everest.
First person to reach the                     :                               Amundsen
South Pole.
First woman to walk in                        :                               Svetlana Savitskaya space
space (Russia).
First person in the world                     :                              Neil A. Armstrong and
to land on the moon .                                                          Edwin E. Aldrin Jr of USA
First woman cosmanaut of                 :                               Valentina Tereskhova, the
World.                                                                                    Russian
First country to launch a                    :                              Russia
cosmic space rocket
towards moon.
First Chief Justice of a                         :                               Justice H.L.Kania (Men),
High Court.                                                                           Ms. Leila Seth (Women)
First Judge, First Judge                       :                              Justice Syed Mehmood
of a High Court.                                                                    (Men), Anna Chandi
First Judge of                                        :                              Camelia Sorabji
Supreme Court.
First Magistrate .                                  :                               Mrs. Omana Kunjamma
First Indian to become                        :                              Dr. Nagendra Singh
President of International
Court of Justice.
First Bar-at-Law.                                   :                               J.M.Tagore
First Woman                                         :                              Chokila Iyer
Foreign Secretary.
First Women Grandmaster                  :                              Ms. Vijayalakshmi
(India) Subburaman.
First Indian Woman to                        :                              Karnam Malleswari
win an Olympic Medal
First Asian to claim                              :                               Viswanathan Anand
Chess’ World Title.
First Indian Woman                             :                              Ms.P.Bandhobathyai
First Indian girl to win the                 :                               Joshna Chinappa (17 yrs)
British Junior Squash title.
First Indian Muslim                             :                               Aneesha Mirza
Woman Mayor.                                                                    (Ahmedabad)
First Test Tube Baby                          :                               Louise Joy Brown
First Place where atom                        :                               Hiroshima
bomb was dropped.
First man to reach                                :                               Robert Peary
North Pole.
First man to climb                                 :                               Sherpa Sungau (Nepal)
Mount Everest.
First man to walk in space                  :                               Alexi Leonov (USSR)
First Governor General                        :                               Mohammed Ali Jinnah
of Pakistan.
First oldest man to scale                     :                               Mario Curris
Mount Everest.
First Commander-in-Chief   :                               General Roy Bucher
of Free India.
First Emperor of                                    :                               Babar
Moghul Dynasty.
First Field Marshal                               :                               S.H.F.J.Manekshaw
of India.
First Indian ICS Officer.                      :                               Satyendra nath Tagore
First Indian Member                            :                               Sir S.P. Sinha
of Viceroy’s Executive
First man to climb                                 :                               Phu Dorjee
Mount Everest without Oxygen.
First Tolkie Film                                    :                               Alam Ara (1931)
First Test Tube Baby                          :                               Indira
First Woman Minister                         :                               Rajkumar Amrit Kaur
of Indian Union.
First Woman                                         :                               Sucheta Kriplani
Chief Minister of State.
First Woman Governor                       :                               Sarojini Naidu
First Woman President of                   :                               Dr. Annie Besant
Indian National Congress.
First Woman Speaker of a                  :                               Shanno Devi
State Assembly.
First Prime Minister of                         :                               Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
First Muslim President of                   :                               Dr. Zakir Hussain
Indian Union.
First Speaker of                                    :                               G.V. Mavlankar
Lok Sabha.
First Woman Judge in                         :                               Fathima Beevi
Supreme Court.
First Woman Chief Justice                 :                               Leela Seth
of a High Court.
First Indian Woman to go                  :                               Kalpana Chawla
in space.
First Indian Woman                             :                               Sonali Banerjee
Merchant Navy Officer.
First Dalit Speaker of the                    :                               G.M.C. Balayoki
Lok Sabha.

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